The growing demand for eco-friendly homes

January 9, 2018·by admin·in Architecture, Green Building, Residential

From the briefs we receive from our clients, it’s clear that eco-friendly homes are not a passing fad. Aside from the reduced impact on the environment, the long-term energy and water saving benefits are significant. Arc Africa Architects has supported this approach to design since the company was established in 1994, and we appreciate clients who feel the same way.


House Van Rensburg – Vaal de Grace Golf Estate

Our approach to eco-friendly design starts from the moment we receive a brief. In the case of House Van Rensburg, the location practically dictated a green approach. Situated on the border of the Free State and North West Province, and surrounded by the Vaal River, the islet is a haven for birds, buck and other small animals.

Vaal de Grace Aerial View

From the start, Cobus and Ronel Van Rensburg demonstrated a desire to be involved in every aspect of the design process. We began by taking the orientation of the home into account, to ensure the best use of natural features in the area. A home that is properly orientated reduces the reliance on heaters and air-conditioners to maintain an even and comfortable indoor temperature through the seasons.

Over the past 18 months, several major amendments have been made, and we look forward to beginning construction soon.

Eco-friendly home at Vaal de Grace Estate


House Visser – Legends Safari and Golf Estate

An interesting project – and a real challenge for any architect in terms of green building – this house was designed to run entirely off the grid. The power supply for the home is provided for with a combination of solar and wind power.


The PV photo voltaic cells harness energy from the sun to run minor electrical appliances. A battery bank ensures that excess energy generated by the system is stored and power is always available. Wind power provides the rest of the power needed to keep the home running smoothly.


Rainwater harvesting reduces the Visser family’s reliance on the municipal supply and helps to achieve one of the most important goals of green living – preserving a precious resource.

Legends Golf and Safari Estate

All of technologies and techniques available to reduce the carbon footprint of a building (whether it be a residential or commercial property) need to be factored in at the design stage. With our extensive experience and long-standing relationships with expert contractors, Arc Africa Architects is able to provide our clients with practical and cost-effective green building solutions.

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