Small structures: An affordable and flexible housing option

January 9, 2018·by admin·in Architecture, Residential

In the current economic climate, both locally and abroad, young people are struggling to gain a foothold in the property market. Many continue to live at home with their parents while they struggle to save up money to put down a decent deposit on a home of their own.


Fortunately, there is an affordable option available for those who want their own space. Arc Africa Architects is currently manufacturing small structures in a local factory. Aimed at young professionals, these homes can be designed and constructed anywhere, such as property belonging to friends and family.


As these buildings are considered temporary structures, they eliminate the often painful process of obtaining approval from local authorities. In addition, the structures can be dismantled, transported and re-erected – making them extremely flexible.


Architects all over the world are developing compact, modular structures in response the demand for cost-effective housing. The fact that this is a home that can move with you makes it an appealing option for first-time property owners. For more information on our small structures, contact Stephen Bibby at stephen@arcafrica.co.za

Affordable housing option for first time property owners

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